Mads is Mad

My good friend Mads Drøschler was one of the earliest beta testers for the OSL stuff.

He made huge, gigantic shade trees of OSL shaders to make the most amazing things.

When I for the first time gently hinted to him that a lot of the stuff he did in 50 OSL nodes, could probably be expressed in 5 lines of OSL code, he had never programmed a line of code in his life. So I gave him some pointers....

That evening, he had collapsed a giant shade tree for a Flow Map he was working on into a single OSL node.

The rest - as they say - is History

Mads was now a programmer. An OSL Shader Writer. He wrote all shaders in that video, as well as made the music. A true Renaissance man!

Mads also opened his own GitHub page with some shaders he's been working on; you can find it at

(Click here for info on how to go about doing this.)

But be warned. Mads is Mad. It's part of his name.

And it's one of his best qualities....



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