Uncle Bob's Shader Emporium

Question: Who on earth is Uncle Bob and why does he have a Shader Emporium?

When we launched 3ds Max 2019 we also launched a page on GitHub for shader exchange. It has a long, complicated, hard to remember URL into the Autodesk ADN networks GitHub page, like so:

And yes, one can use that link (here's how) if one wants, it works fine. However, because I'm a whimsical dude, when I added the documentation about shader metadata in the 3ds Max 2019 documentation, I made the following example:

It was meant to demonstrate the use of metadata in the OSL shader, and was showing of both the ability to add your own "logo" image, as well as a custom "help URL" for more information about the shader.

On a whim, I came up with "Uncle Bobs Shader Emporium" and the address www.UncleBobsShaders.com

And to make it extra fun, I purchased that URL, and redirected it to point to the 3ds Max OSL GitHub page.

So now you don't need to remember any strange ADN-DevTech link... you only have to think of Uncle Bob's Shader Emporium, and type in




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