Wiping my brow a little, let me tell you that 3ds Max 2019 Update 3 is out. We worked pretty hard on this one, and one of the really neat things (if I may say so myself) is that we've gotten really far on the "OSL in the viewport" stuff.  Check this video:

Now, true, this has been incrementally introduced, with the first part in 2019 Update 1, but at Update 3 it starts to get really useful, with a large chunk of OSL functions supported.

Please note, this is not just a matter of us making "viewport versions" of the shipping OSL shaders, that's not it at all... this is a system that transcodes OSL sourcecode into HLSL viewport shaders. Automatically. On the fly. Under the hood. By magic.... (if I didn't know better I would say that there is probably an Elf in there somewhere). You write code in a shading language intended for offline rendering in software... and it automagically shows up running in realtime on the GPU.

Personally, I'm pretty proud of that work, and send some special thanks to David Larsson and Ivan Vlasov for fathering most of that seemingly magic code....

I'll post more about this release, as well as some other fun stuff. And yes, Lesson 3 of my shader course will show up ANY MINUTE NOW :P

While you wait - Enjoy Update 3



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