PBR in 3ds Max

So I recorded this tutorial video about PBR based rendering in 3ds Max.

This is technically nothing new - it has been possible since the introduction of the Physical Material back in max 2017, and was to some extent the whole point of the Physical Material in the first place. Yet, it seemed news to users when I told them this, so hence this video.

Second purpose of the video is to show off what the Nitrous viewport can already do - since years actually - except most things are off by default.

Now, we are aware that this workflow is clunky, there's too many obscure knobs and buttons, and the whole thing need to be a LOT simpler. Also, the glaring omission (missing blurry reflections in the viewport) needs to be fixed. It's not rocket surgery to add - it's a known technology - but it simply hasn't been a priority in the past.



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